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1.London After Midnight         > 20x
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4.VNV Nation         12.2x
5.Switchblade Symphony         6.8x
6.Kittie         2.8x
7.In Flames         2.5x
8.Skinny Puppy         2.2x
9.The Dresden Dolls         2.1x
10.Tool         1.8x
Bella Morte is a gothic band that was formed in 1996 in Charlottesville, Virginia. They also incorporate elements of metal, darkwave, deathrock, alternative, and synthpop. The name means "beautiful death" in Italian. According to Andy Deane, the name was chosen to "suggest that beauty can be found in tragedy," which is a theme occurring in every Bella Morte album. Currently signed to Metropolis Records, they previously released albums through their own label, Some Wear Leather, and also through Cleopatra Records. In early Fall of 2006, Metropolis Records confirmed that Bella... more