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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Brand New         > 20x
2.Four Year Strong         19.5x
3.Say Anything         18.3x
4.Silverstein         16.8x
5.Anthony Green         14.5x
6.Senses Fail         14.5x
7.Circa Survive         11.5x
8.Glassjaw         11.1x
9.Motion City Soundtrack         10.9x
10.Thrice         10.3x
11.Mayday Parade         9.8x
12.Alkaline Trio         9.5x
13.Saosin         8.7x
14.Set Your Goals         8.6x
15.Scary Kids Scaring Kids         8.5x
16.Saves the Day         8.1x
17.Thursday         7.6x
18.Manchester Orchestra         7.0x
19.Every Time I Die         6.5x
20.New Found Glory         6.5x
21.Underoath         6.3x
22.Aiden         6.2x
23.The Early November         6.1x
24.Taking Back Sunday         6.0x
25.Alexisonfire         6.0x
26.Minus the Bear         6.0x
27.The Get Up Kids         5.9x
28.The Academy Is...         5.3x
29.Against Me!         5.2x
30.Rise Against         5.0x
31.Cartel         4.9x
32.The Format         4.7x
33.Reggie and the Full Effect         4.6x
34.City and Colour         4.6x
35.The Spill Canvas         4.2x
36.Ludo         4.2x
37.Less Than Jake         4.1x
38.All Time Low         4.1x
39.The Fall of Troy         4.1x
40.The Movielife         3.9x
41.Breathe Carolina         3.9x
42.Bring Me the Horizon         3.8x
43.From First to Last         3.8x
44.Emery         3.6x
45.A Skylit Drive         3.6x
46.A Day to Remember         3.5x
47.Childish Gambino         3.5x
48.As Cities Burn         3.5x
49.The Used         3.5x
50.Chiodos         3.4x
51.AFI         3.4x
52.The Starting Line         3.4x
53.Poison the Well         3.4x
54.Copeland         3.2x
55.Norma Jean         3.0x
56.Anberlin         2.9x
57.NOFX         2.9x
58.Jimmy Eat World         2.8x
59.Boys Night Out         2.6x
60.Rx Bandits         2.6x
61.Reel Big Fish         2.6x
62.The Bouncing Souls         2.4x
63.Streetlight Manifesto         2.4x
64.Explosions in the Sky         2.3x
65.Blink-182         2.2x
66.Does It Offend You, Yeah?         2.2x
67.Straylight Run         2.2x
68.At the Drive-In         2.2x
69.Mae         2.1x
70.Finch         2.1x
71.The Postal Service         2.0x
72.Between the Buried and Me         2.0x
73.Tiger Army         2.0x
74.Catch 22         1.9x
75.Coheed and Cambria         1.8x
76.Cursive         1.8x
77.The Matches         1.7x
78.Bright Eyes         1.7x
79.Box Car Racer         1.7x
80.The Dear Hunter         1.7x
81.The Mars Volta         1.7x
82.La Dispute         1.7x
83.Dashboard Confessional         1.6x
84.Band of Horses         1.6x
85.Jack's Mannequin         1.6x
86.Armor for Sleep         1.5x
87.Fall Out Boy         1.5x
88.The Sound of Animals Fighting         1.5x
89.Death Cab for Cutie         < 1.5x
90.Escape the Fate         < 1.5x
91.Story of the Year         < 1.5x
92.Rancid         < 1.5x
93.Sparta         < 1.5x
Bayside is an American punk rock band from Queens which formed in the winter of 2000. The band has released five full length albums, four for Victory Records and one on Wind-Up Records. Bayside consists of Anthony Raneri as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Jack O'Shea as the lead guitarist, Nick Ghanbarian as the bassist, and Chris Guglielmo as the drummer. Since their inception on Long Island one winter day in 2000, Bayside has become a successful band in the punk rock and emo scenes respectively. Having released four studio albums with Victory Records since signing on in... more