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1.L7         > 20x
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3.Veruca Salt         15.6x
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18.My Bloody Valentine         3.8x
19.The Smiths         3.7x
20.Ramones         3.6x
21.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         3.4x
22.Echo & the Bunnymen         3.4x
23.Iggy Pop         3.3x
24.Jack Off Jill         3.2x
25.Björk         3.1x
26.The Cramps         3.0x
27.The Cure         3.0x
28.Dead Kennedys         2.9x
29.David Bowie         2.8x
30.Depeche Mode         2.8x
31.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         2.5x
32.Blondie         2.5x
33.Nick Cave         2.4x
34.Nico         2.4x
35.A Perfect Circle         2.3x
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41.Sleater-Kinney         2.0x
42.The Smashing Pumpkins         2.0x
43.Fiona Apple         2.0x
44.Nine Inch Nails         1.9x
45.Camera Obscura         1.8x
46.Joan Jett         1.7x
47.Butthole Surfers         1.6x
48.Leonard Cohen         1.6x
49.The Mountain Goats         1.5x
50.Metric         1.5x
51.Queens of the Stone Age         1.5x
52.The Psychedelic Furs         < 1.5x
53.Massive Attack         < 1.5x
54.Ladytron         < 1.5x
Babes in Toyland was an American punk rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1987. The band was formed by Oregon native Kat Bjelland (lead vocals and guitar), with Lori Barbero (drums) and Michelle Leon (bass), who was later replaced by Maureen Herman in 1992. Courtney Love had a very brief stint in the band in 1987 as a bass player, before being kicked out and forming Hole in 1989. Between 1989 and 1995, Babes in Toyland released three studio albums; Spanking Machine (1990), the commercially successful Fontanelle (1992), and Nemesisters (1995),... more