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Azam Ali

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1.Niyaz         > 20x
2.Vas         > 20x
3.Dead Can Dance         11.9x
4.Rasputina         8.5x
5.Enigma         5.7x
6.Loreena McKennitt         5.0x
7.The Cranberries         3.1x
8.DeVotchKa         3.0x
9.Tori Amos         2.9x
10.John Lennon         2.2x
11.Massive Attack         2.1x
12.Portishead         1.5x
Azam Ali (Persian: اعظم علی‎) is an Iranian American singer and musician. As of 2013, Ali has released seven full-length albums with the bands VAS and Niyaz, as well as four full-length solo albums. more