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1.Seabound         > 20x
2.Rotersand         > 20x
3.Imperative Reaction         > 20x
4.I:Scintilla         > 20x
5.Aesthetic Perfection         > 20x
6.Neuroticfish         > 20x
7.Funker Vogt         > 20x
8.The Birthday Massacre         > 20x
9.Covenant         > 20x
10.De/Vision         > 20x
11.Informatik         > 20x
12.Hocico         > 20x
13.The Crüxshadows         > 20x         19.8x
15.VNV Nation         19.5x
16.And One         17.8x
17.Emilie Autumn         17.5x
18.Icon of Coil         16.8x
19.Wumpscut:         16.1x
20.Combichrist         16.0x
21.Zeromancer         15.8x
22.Project Pitchfork         15.3x
23.Stromkern         14.9x
24.Assemblage 23         14.6x
25.Razed in Black         13.5x
26.Velvet Acid Christ         12.3x
27.Zombie Girl         11.6x
28.Angelspit         11.4x
29.Wolfsheim         9.3x
30.Psyclon Nine         6.5x
31.Apoptygma Berzerk         5.5x
32.Blutengel         5.4x
33.Collide         5.3x
34.KMFDM         3.5x
35.She Wants Revenge         3.4x
36.Garbage         3.2x
37.Kittie         3.1x
38.Kidneythieves         3.0x
39.White Zombie         2.0x
40.Front Line Assembly         1.6x
41.Lords of Acid         < 1.5x
Ayria is a Canadian futurepop/synthpop musical project formed in early 2003 by Toronto's Jennifer Parkin following her departure from the influential futurepop and EBM band Epsilon Minus. The lighter, ethereal side of gothic, her work shows a collage of smooth textures and soft vocals over collisions of bass and driving beats, danceable and melodic with the darker elements and themes of electro-industrial music still present. more