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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Symphony X         > 20x
2.Pain of Salvation         > 20x
3.Sabaton         > 20x
4.Devin Townsend         > 20x
5.Therion         18.8x
6.Liquid Tension Experiment         18.5x
7.Dream Theater         18.3x
8.Evergrey         16.4x
9.Epica         14.9x
10.Angra         14.8x
11.Blind Guardian         14.8x
12.Sonata Arctica         13.9x
13.Kamelot         12.6x
14.Transatlantic         12.4x
15.Rhapsody of Fire         11.9x
16.Demons and Wizards         11.4x
17.Spock's Beard         10.8x
18.Avantasia         10.7x
19.Opeth         9.6x
20.Nevermore         9.6x
21.HammerFall         9.2x
22.Katatonia         8.3x
23.Iced Earth         7.9x
24.Agalloch         7.4x
25.Bruce Dickinson         7.3x
26.Within Temptation         7.0x
27.Ensiferum         6.8x
28.Dark Tranquillity         6.7x
29.Dark Moor         6.5x
30.Eluveitie         6.3x
31.Manowar         6.1x
32.The Gathering         6.1x
33.Korpiklaani         6.1x
34.Enslaved         5.9x
35.Steve Vai         5.7x
36.Amorphis         5.5x
37.Anathema         5.3x
38.Dio         5.1x
39.Stratovarius         5.1x
40.Scar Symmetry         5.1x
41.Turisas         5.1x
42.Gamma Ray         4.9x
43.Nile         4.9x
44.Blackmore's Night         4.4x
45.Nightwish         4.1x
46.Pagan's Mind         4.1x
47.Strapping Young Lad         4.0x
48.Iron Maiden         3.6x
49.Riverside         3.5x
50.Finntroll         3.1x
51.Porcupine Tree         3.1x
52.Leaves' Eyes         3.0x
53.In Flames         2.9x
54.Queensrÿche         2.8x
55.Apocalyptica         2.4x
56.Satyricon         2.4x
57.Luca Turilli         2.2x
58.Amon Amarth         2.2x
59.Yngwie Malmsteen         2.2x
60.Emperor         2.0x
61.Dethklok         2.0x
62.Edenbridge         1.9x
63.Rush         1.9x
64.Bathory         1.7x
65.Xandria         1.6x
66.Black Sabbath         1.5x
67.Led Zeppelin         1.5x
68.Rammstein         1.5x
69.Mastodon         < 1.5x
70.Delain         < 1.5x
71.Megadeth         < 1.5x
72.A Perfect Circle         < 1.5x
73.Helloween         < 1.5x
74.Meshuggah         < 1.5x
75.Blue Öyster Cult         < 1.5x
Ayreon i/ˈɛriən/ is a musical project by Dutch songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist musician and record producer Arjen Anthony Lucassen. Ayreon's music is mostly heavy metal and progressive rock but combines them with genres like folk, classical and electronica. The majority of Ayreon's albums are dubbed "rock operas" (or "metal operas") because the albums contain complex storylines featuring a host of characters, usually with each one being represented by a unique vocalist. Ayreon's music is characterized by the use of traditional instruments in rock music (guitars,... more