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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Edguy         > 20x
2.Luca Turilli         > 20x
3.Sonata Arctica         > 20x
4.Angra         > 20x
5.Epica         > 20x
6.HammerFall         > 20x
7.Blind Guardian         > 20x
8.Kamelot         > 20x
9.Sabaton         > 20x
10.Rhapsody of Fire         > 20x
11.Masterplan         19.0x
12.Symphony X         17.7x
13.Alestorm         16.7x
14.Ayreon         15.4x
15.Helloween         15.1x
16.Demons and Wizards         15.0x
17.Gamma Ray         12.8x
18.Dark Moor         12.0x
19.Manowar         10.6x
20.Leaves' Eyes         9.6x
21.Turisas         9.0x
22.Korpiklaani         7.3x
23.Firewind         6.2x
24.Elvenking         6.2x
25.Nightwish         5.8x
26.Running Wild         5.3x
27.Bruce Dickinson         5.0x
28.Therion         4.7x
29.Tarja Turunen         4.7x
30.Dio         4.3x
31.Iron Maiden         4.2x
32.Stratovarius         3.6x
33.The 69 Eyes         3.2x
34.Within Temptation         3.1x
35.DragonForce         2.9x
36.Dream Theater         2.1x
37.Judas Priest         2.0x
38.Trans-Siberian Orchestra         1.8x
39.Iced Earth         1.7x
40.Apocalyptica         1.7x
41.Mötley Crüe         1.6x
42.Alice Cooper         1.5x
43.Eluveitie         < 1.5x
Avantasia is a German heavy/power metal supergroup project created by Tobias Sammet, vocalist of the band Edguy. Avantasia is often referred to as a rock opera, as it features the participation of many renowned vocalists and musicians. The project's title is a portmanteau of the words "avalon" and "fantasia" ("fantasy") and describes "a world beyond human imagination" (a quotation from the booklet). The project consists of three different installments. The first is a self-titled single and two full-length albums with the subtitle The Metal Opera. The second... more