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Attack Attack!

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1.We Came as Romans         > 20x
2.Blessthefall         > 20x
3.Abandon All Ships         > 20x
4.A Skylit Drive         > 20x
5.Asking Alexandria         > 20x
6.Woe, Is Me         > 20x
7.Bring Me the Horizon         > 20x
8.I See Stars       > 20x
9.Pierce the Veil         > 20x
10.Sleeping with Sirens         > 20x
11.August Burns Red         > 20x
12.Memphis May Fire         > 20x
13.Parkway Drive         > 20x
14.Chelsea Grin         > 20x
15.Miss May I         > 20x
16.Chiodos         > 20x
17.Alesana         > 20x
18.The Devil Wears Prada         > 20x
19.Saosin         18.6x
20.Suicide Silence         18.5x
21.Underoath         17.7x
22.Dance Gavin Dance         17.6x
23.Silverstein         14.5x
24.Enter Shikari         14.0x
25.Of Mice & Men         13.4x
26.Senses Fail         13.2x
27.A Day to Remember         12.9x
28.Scary Kids Scaring Kids         12.6x
29.Escape the Fate         11.9x
30.As I Lay Dying         7.8x
31.The Used         7.1x
32.Emarosa         6.8x
33.From First to Last         6.4x
34.Bullet for My Valentine         6.1x
35.Every Time I Die         5.6x
36.Mayday Parade         5.5x
37.Four Year Strong         3.8x
38.All Time Low         3.5x
39.Brand New         3.3x
40.30 Seconds to Mars         3.2x
41.Flyleaf         3.0x
42.Say Anything         2.7x
43.Trivium         2.3x
44.Avenged Sevenfold         2.1x
45.Emery         2.1x
46.Three Days Grace         2.1x
47.Taking Back Sunday         2.0x
48.Killswitch Engage         < 1.5x
49.Rise Against         < 1.5x
Attack Attack! was an American electronicore band from Westerville, Ohio, formed in 2007 originally as Ambiance, later changing their name. Attack Attack!'s first release, an independent EP titled If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords?, was released in 2008, which led to the signing of the band to Rise Records the same year. They then released three full-length albums, Someday Came Suddenly, a self-titled album, and This Means War all through Rise Records. The band left Rise Records in 2012 and were unsigned until their disbandment. more