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Ástor Piazzolla

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1.Gotan Project         11.7x
2.Ella Fitzgerald         10.0x
3.Niccolò Paganini         9.1x
4.Nina Simone         8.1x
5.George Gershwin         6.0x
6.Sarah Vaughan         5.4x
7.Bill Evans         5.3x
8.Billie Holiday         4.1x
9.Antônio Carlos Jobim         4.1x
10.Sergei Prokofiev         3.4x
11.Franz Liszt         3.1x
12.Antonio Vivaldi         3.0x
13.John Lee Hooker         2.7x
14.Miles Davis         2.6x
15.Frank Sinatra         2.4x
16.Keith Jarrett         2.3x
17.Cole Porter         2.3x
18.John Coltrane         2.2x
19.Frank Zappa         2.1x
20.John Lennon         2.0x
21.Louis Armstrong         1.7x
22.Chet Baker         1.5x
23.James Brown         < 1.5x
24.Tom Waits         < 1.5x
Astor Pantaleón Piazzolla (March 11, 1921 – July 4, 1992) was an Argentine tango composer and bandoneon player. His oeuvre revolutionized the traditional tango into a new style termed nuevo tango, incorporating elements from jazz and classical music. A virtuoso bandoneonist, he regularly performed his own compositions with a variety of ensembles. more