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1.Haste the Day         > 20x
2.Parkway Drive         > 20x
3.August Burns Red         > 20x
4.We Came as Romans         > 20x
5.All That Remains         > 20x
6.Bring Me the Horizon         > 20x
7.Blessthefall         18.4x
8.Unearth         17.5x
9.Killswitch Engage         16.3x
10.Asking Alexandria         15.2x
11.Emmure         14.5x
12.The Black Dahlia Murder         13.4x
13.Suicide Silence         12.4x
14.The Devil Wears Prada         11.6x
15.Chiodos         11.2x
16.Underoath         10.6x
17.All Shall Perish         10.6x
18.Trivium         10.5x
19.Memphis May Fire         10.1x
20.In Flames         9.5x
21.Five Finger Death Punch         8.9x
22.Bullet for My Valentine         8.6x
23.Machine Head         8.1x
24.Pierce the Veil         7.9x
25.DevilDriver         7.6x
26.It Dies Today         7.5x
27.Shadows Fall         7.2x
28.Between the Buried and Me         7.1x
29.Every Time I Die         6.4x
30.Born of Osiris         6.4x
31.Dance Gavin Dance         6.4x
32.Nonpoint         6.2x
33.Attack Attack!         6.2x
34.Lamb of God         6.0x
35.Chimaira         5.8x
36.Bleeding Through         5.5x
37.Senses Fail         5.2x
38.Deftones         5.2x
39.Silverstein         5.0x
40.A Skylit Drive         5.0x
41.Mudvayne         5.0x
42.Scary Kids Scaring Kids         4.9x
43.Poison the Well         4.7x
44.Pantera         4.7x
45.Atreyu         4.6x
46.Emarosa         4.6x
47.Escape the Fate         4.5x
48.Norma Jean         4.3x
49.Rise Against         4.2x
50.Children of Bodom         4.2x
51.Glassjaw         4.2x
52.Sick Puppies         4.1x
53.Gojira         3.9x
54.From Autumn to Ashes         3.8x
55.As Blood Runs Black   3.7x
56.Taproot         3.7x
57.Arch Enemy         3.6x
58.Meshuggah         3.5x
59.Thrice         3.4x
60.Avenged Sevenfold         3.4x
61.Anberlin         3.1x
62.The Used         3.1x
63.Sevendust         3.1x
64.Stone Sour         3.0x
65.Circa Survive         3.0x
66.A Day to Remember         3.0x
67.30 Seconds to Mars         2.9x
68.Fear Factory         2.9x
69.Slipknot         2.8x
70.Emery         2.8x
71.Staind         2.7x
72.Brand New         2.7x
73.Story of the Year         2.6x
74.Aiden         2.6x
75.Otep         2.6x
76.A Perfect Circle         2.5x
77.Ill Niño         2.4x
78.Hatebreed         2.4x
79.Dethklok         2.4x
80.Slayer         2.4x
81.Korn         2.4x
82.Breaking Benjamin         2.2x
83.Amon Amarth         2.2x
84.Saosin         2.1x
85.Protest the Hero         2.1x
86.Tool         2.0x
87.Lacuna Coil         2.0x
88.Flyleaf         2.0x
89.Funeral for a Friend         2.0x
90.Miss May I         1.9x
91.Lostprophets         1.9x
92.Static-X         1.8x
93.P.O.D.         1.8x
94.Hollywood Undead         1.7x
95.Winds of Plague         1.7x
96.Taking Back Sunday         1.7x
97.Sum 41         1.7x
98.Thursday         1.7x
99.Alice in Chains         1.6x
100.Rammstein         1.6x
101.The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus         1.6x
102.Blink-182         1.6x
103.Black Label Society         1.6x
104.Three Days Grace         1.6x
105.Dimmu Borgir         1.6x
106.Soilwork         1.6x
107.Trapt         1.5x
108.Sepultura         1.5x
109.Yellowcard         1.5x
110.Foo Fighters         1.5x
111.Alexisonfire         1.5x
112.Periphery         1.5x
113.Apocalyptica         < 1.5x
114.Coheed and Cambria         < 1.5x
115.Skillet   < 1.5x
116.Chevelle         < 1.5x
117.Spineshank         < 1.5x
118.Cradle of Filth         < 1.5x
119.Disturbed         < 1.5x
120.Box Car Racer         < 1.5x
121.Incubus         < 1.5x
As I Lay Dying is an American Christian metalcore band from San Diego, California. Founded in 2000 by their vocalist Tim Lambesis, they completed their first Line-up in 2001 including drummer Jordan Mancino. As I Lay Dying has released six albums, one split album, and two compilation albums. As I Lay Dying's fourth studio album, An Ocean Between Us peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard 200, and No. 1 on the Top Rock chart. The band has performed at Wacken Open Air, With Full Force, Soundwave Festival, Sounds of the Underground, Warped Tour, Bloodstock Open... more