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As Cities Burn

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1.The Chariot         > 20x
2.Underoath         > 20x
3.Thursday         > 20x
4.Thrice         > 20x
5.Norma Jean         > 20x
6.Bayside         18.3x
7.MewithoutYou         17.2x
8.Every Time I Die         14.7x
9.Manchester Orchestra         12.5x
10.Boys Night Out         10.8x
11.The Fall of Troy         9.1x
12.Circa Survive         8.7x
13.Horse the Band         5.7x
14.Alexisonfire         5.7x
15.Brand New         5.0x
16.Botch         4.4x
17.Jesu         4.2x
18.American Football         3.9x
19.Russian Circles         2.9x
20.Taking Back Sunday         2.1x
21.From First to Last         2.0x
22.Between the Buried and Me         2.0x
23.Emery         1.9x
24.Sigur Rós         1.7x
Oh, Sleeper As Cities Burn is an American Christian rock band from Mandeville, Louisiana that formed in 2002 and broke up in 2009. The band has since "resurrected" according to their Facebook fan page. more