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1.John Prine         16.8x
2.Carly Simon         12.2x
3.Carole King         10.9x
4.Steve Earle         10.5x
5.Emmylou Harris         9.3x
6.The Moody Blues         8.0x
7.Woody Guthrie         7.1x
8.The Byrds         7.0x
9.The Hollies         6.8x
10.Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young         6.7x
11.Paul Simon         6.7x
12.Eagles         5.7x
13.Simon & Garfunkel         5.3x
14.The Yardbirds         4.7x
15.Jefferson Airplane         4.0x
16.Joan Baez         3.9x
17.Roy Orbison         3.6x
18.Cream         3.2x
19.John Lennon         3.1x
20.Derek and the Dominos         3.0x
21.The Beatles         2.8x
22.Jimi Hendrix         2.7x
23.The Who         2.6x
24.Willie Nelson         2.6x
25.B.B. King         2.5x
26.The Guess Who         2.4x
27.The Rolling Stones         2.3x
28.Buffalo Springfield         2.1x
29.The Animals         2.0x
30.Queen         2.0x
31.The Mamas & the Papas         1.9x
32.Marvin Gaye         1.9x
33.Johnny Cash         1.8x
34.Stevie Ray Vaughan         1.7x
35.Neil Young         1.6x
36.Joni Mitchell         1.6x
37.Eric Clapton         1.6x
38.Dire Straits         1.6x
39.Jethro Tull         1.6x
40.Bob Dylan         1.6x
41.Buddy Holly         1.5x
42.Sarah McLachlan         < 1.5x
Arlo Davy Guthrie (born July 10, 1947) is an American folk singer. Like his late father, Woody Guthrie, Arlo is known for singing songs of protest against social injustice. Guthrie's best-known work is "Alice's Restaurant Massacree", a satirical talking blues song about 18 minutes in length. His song Massachusetts was named the official folk song of the state where he has lived most of his adult life. more