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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Borknagar         > 20x
2.Summoning         > 20x
3.Emperor         > 20x
4.Enslaved         > 20x
5.Katatonia         > 20x
6.Wintersun         > 20x
7.Bathory         > 20x
8.My Dying Bride         > 20x
9.Moonspell         20.0x
10.Devin Townsend         19.1x
11.Amorphis         18.2x
12.Agalloch         16.5x
13.Anathema         13.6x
14.Darkthrone         12.8x
15.Opeth         11.9x
16.Ensiferum         11.3x
17.Nile         10.9x
18.Drudkh         10.3x
19.Kalmah         9.5x
20.Burzum         9.4x
21.Moonsorrow         9.3x
22.Ulver         8.6x
23.Gojira         6.5x
24.Eluveitie         6.1x
25.Korpiklaani         5.9x
26.Nevermore         5.5x
27.Kamelot         5.4x
28.Mastodon         4.7x
29.Immortal         4.5x
30.Finntroll         4.5x
31.Strapping Young Lad         4.4x
32.Meshuggah         3.4x
33.Amon Amarth         2.9x
34.Arch Enemy         2.6x
35.Nightwish         2.1x
36.Type O Negative         2.0x
37.Dio         1.8x
38.Apocalyptica         < 1.5x
Arcturus is an avant-garde metal band formed in Norway in 1987. They named it Arcturus (meaning Bear Guardian), after the Behenian fixed star Arcturus. more