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Archers of Loaf

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1.Superchunk         > 20x
2.Sebadoh         20.0x
3.Guided by Voices         15.8x
4.Pavement         14.0x
5.Fugazi         10.7x
6.Big Star         9.8x
7.Dinosaur Jr.         9.6x
8.The Replacements         8.7x
9.The Sea and Cake         7.5x
10.Unwound         7.3x
11.Jawbreaker         7.2x
12.My Bloody Valentine         7.2x
13.Hüsker Dü         6.6x
14.Slint         5.8x
15.Descendents         5.8x
16.Yo La Tengo         4.8x
17.Built to Spill         4.7x
18.Pixies         4.5x
19.Drive Like Jehu         4.4x
20.Cap'n Jazz         4.1x
21.Neutral Milk Hotel         4.0x
22.Minor Threat         4.0x
23.Wire         3.7x
24.The Jesus and Mary Chain         3.5x
25.Beulah         3.1x
26.Sonic Youth         3.0x
27.Uncle Tupelo         2.8x
28.Buzzcocks         2.8x
29.Stereolab         2.5x
30.The Jam         2.3x
31.The Kinks         2.3x
32.The Smiths         2.3x
33.Ramones         2.2x
34.The Stooges         2.2x
35.Elliott Smith         2.2x
36.Neil Young         2.1x
37.The Dismemberment Plan         2.1x
38.The Magnetic Fields         1.9x
39.The Flaming Lips         1.8x
40.Hot Water Music         1.8x
41.The Cramps         1.7x
42.Modest Mouse         1.7x
43.Devo         1.6x
44.Cocteau Twins         1.6x
45.Wilco         1.6x
46.The Hold Steady         1.6x
47.The Velvet Underground         1.5x
48.The Clash         1.5x
49.Johnny Cash         < 1.5x
50.New Order         < 1.5x
51.Talking Heads         < 1.5x
Archers of Loaf is an American indie rock band originally from Chapel Hill, formed in 1991. The group toured extensively and released a total of four studio albums, a collection album, numerous singles and EPs, and a live album which was released after the band broke up in 1998. In 2011 the band began a reunion tour that coincided with the reissue of four of its albums by Merge Records. more