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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.The Postal Service         5.2x
2.Imogen Heap         4.6x
3.Frou Frou         3.4x
4.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         3.0x
5.The Killers         2.3x
6.Florence and the Machine         2.2x
7.Ingrid Michaelson         1.9x
8.MGMT         1.7x
9.Sigur Rós         1.5x
10.Death Cab for Cutie         < 1.5x
11.Coldplay         < 1.5x
12.Radiohead         < 1.5x
13.The Beatles         < 1.5x
14.Daft Punk         < 1.5x
Matt Hales (born 17 January 1972) is an English songwriter, musician, and record producer who has been performing professionally under the name Aqualung since the early 2000s. Aqualung is best known in the UK for his song "Strange and Beautiful," which was featured on a television advertisement for the new Volkswagen Beetle during the summer of 2002 and went on to become a Top 10 hit in the UK Singles Chart later that year. In the United States, Aqualung is also known for the song "Brighter Than Sunshine," which had considerable airplay and was used in the film A Lot Like... more