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Andrew Jackson Jihad

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Paul Baribeau         > 20x
2.Defiance, Ohio         > 20x
3.Ghost Mice         > 20x
4.The Ergs!         > 20x
5.Bomb the Music Industry!         > 20x
6.Nana Grizol         > 20x
7.Mischief Brew         16.0x
8.Against Me!         15.8x
9.Cap'n Jazz         11.6x
10.The Mountain Goats         9.7x
11.The World/Inferno Friendship Society         9.7x
12.Frank Turner         9.7x
13.Lemuria         9.4x
14.Algernon Cadwallader         8.3x
15.Streetlight Manifesto         7.1x
16.Jawbreaker         5.3x
17.Bright Eyes         5.2x
18.Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains   5.2x
19.Descendents         5.2x
20.The Tallest Man on Earth         4.6x
21.The Front Bottoms         4.1x
22.Electric Six         4.1x
23.Glassjaw         3.6x
24.The Weakerthans         3.6x
25.Neutral Milk Hotel         3.5x
26.Brand New         3.4x
27.Bikini Kill         3.3x
28.Say Anything         3.1x
29.The Lawrence Arms         3.0x
30.Manchester Orchestra         2.8x
31.Touché Amoré         2.7x
32.The Wonder Years         2.7x
33.The Menzingers         2.3x
34.Sunny Day Real Estate         2.1x
35.Minor Threat         2.1x
36.Screeching Weasel         1.9x
37.Elliott Smith         1.9x
38.Sleigh Bells         1.7x
39.The Format         1.7x
40.Sufjan Stevens         1.6x
41.Gogol Bordello         1.5x
42.The Magnetic Fields         < 1.5x
43.Andrew Bird         < 1.5x
44.The Clash         < 1.5x
45.Iron & Wine         < 1.5x
46.Pixies         < 1.5x
47.Hot Water Music         < 1.5x
48.The Gaslight Anthem         < 1.5x
49.Alkaline Trio         < 1.5x
50.Daniel Johnston         < 1.5x
51.Modest Mouse         < 1.5x
Andrew Jackson Jihad is an American folk punk band from Phoenix, Arizona, formed in 2004. more