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...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

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1.At the Drive-In         7.0x
2.Mogwai         5.5x
3.Godspeed You! Black Emperor         5.1x
4.Explosions in the Sky         4.7x
5.Death from Above 1979         4.4x
6.Built to Spill         3.7x
7.Fugazi         3.1x
8.Cap'n Jazz         3.0x
9.Battles         3.0x
10.The Flaming Lips         2.9x
11.Neutral Milk Hotel         2.8x
12.Do Make Say Think         2.6x
13.Pixies         2.5x
14.Four Tet         2.1x
15.Yo La Tengo         2.0x
16.Sonic Youth         2.0x
17.Dinosaur Jr.         1.9x
18.múm         1.9x
19.Radiohead         1.9x
20.Liars         1.9x
21.Thee Silver Mt. Zion   1.8x
22.Lightning Bolt         1.8x
23.The Mountain Goats         1.7x
24.Queens of the Stone Age         1.7x
25.Silversun Pickups         1.7x
26.Black Moth Super Rainbow         1.6x
27.Led Zeppelin         < 1.5x
28.Modest Mouse         < 1.5x
29.Kings of Convenience         < 1.5x
30.Nine Inch Nails         < 1.5x
31.My Bloody Valentine         < 1.5x
…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (often abbreviated as Trail of Dead) are an American alternative rock band from Austin, Texas. The chief creative members of the band are Jason Reece and Conrad Keely (formerly Conrad Sobsamai). The two switch between drumming, guitar and lead vocals, both on recordings and live shows. The band is known for their wild, energetic concerts, which often end with the band destroying their equipment. Their eighth studio album, Lost Songs, was released in October 2012. more