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1.Bloodbath         > 20x
2.Behemoth         16.7x
3.Death         16.4x
4.Wintersun         15.5x
5.Ensiferum         14.9x
6.Dark Tranquillity         14.7x
7.Dark Funeral         13.6x
8.Eluveitie         13.2x
9.The Faceless         12.8x
10.Emperor         12.8x
11.Hypocrisy         12.7x
12.Dethklok         12.1x
13.Nile         11.6x
14.Moonsorrow         11.1x
15.Scar Symmetry         10.6x
16.Korpiklaani         10.2x
17.Kalmah         10.1x
18.Vader         10.0x
19.In Flames         10.0x
20.Gojira         9.5x
21.3 Inches of Blood         9.5x
22.Mastodon         9.3x
23.Carcass         9.0x
24.At the Gates         9.0x
25.Old Man's Child   8.9x
26.Meshuggah         8.9x
27.Necrophagist         8.9x
28.Demons and Wizards         8.8x
29.Iced Earth         8.8x
30.Decapitated         8.7x
31.Therion         8.7x
32.Turisas         8.7x
33.Blind Guardian         8.6x
34.Katatonia         8.5x
35.DevilDriver         8.4x
36.Opeth         8.4x
37.Alestorm         8.3x
38.Symphony X         8.3x
39.Between the Buried and Me         8.3x
40.After Forever         8.2x
41.Devin Townsend         8.2x
42.Immortal         7.8x
43.Skeletonwitch         7.7x
44.Suffocation         7.4x
45.Amorphis         7.4x
46.Epica         7.4x
47.Insomnium         7.3x
48.Finntroll         7.2x
49.Lamb of God         7.1x
50.Dimmu Borgir         6.9x
51.Kreator         6.8x
52.Enslaved         6.7x
53.Sabaton         6.7x
54.Animals as Leaders         6.6x
55.Soilwork         6.6x
56.Nevermore         6.6x
57.Dio         6.5x
58.Fear Factory         6.3x
59.Arch Enemy         6.0x
60.Exodus         6.0x
61.Deicide         6.0x
62.Darkthrone         5.9x
63.Testament         5.8x
64.Children of Bodom         5.8x
65.Bruce Dickinson         5.7x
66.Bolt Thrower         5.2x
67.Bathory         5.2x
68.Obituary         5.1x
69.Cynic         4.9x
70.Iron Maiden         4.8x
71.Naglfar         4.7x
72.Dying Fetus         4.5x
73.Killswitch Engage         4.5x
74.Norther         4.4x
75.Pantera         4.4x
76.Cannibal Corpse         4.3x
77.Manowar         4.3x
78.Sepultura         4.2x
79.Slayer         4.2x
80.Kamelot         4.1x
81.Type O Negative         4.1x
82.Agalloch         4.0x
83.Moonspell         3.9x
84.The Black Dahlia Murder         3.8x
85.Overkill         3.8x
86.Morbid Angel         3.8x
87.Mayhem         3.8x
88.Cryptopsy         3.7x
89.Borknagar         3.7x
90.Machine Head         3.6x
91.Ayreon         3.6x
92.Strapping Young Lad         3.6x
93.Samael         3.6x
94.Judas Priest         3.5x
95.Cradle of Filth         3.5x
96.Satyricon         3.5x
97.Trivium         3.3x
98.Rhapsody of Fire         3.3x
99.Tristania     3.2x
100.Unearth         3.2x
101.Gwar         3.0x
102.Apocalyptica         3.0x
103.HammerFall         3.0x
104.Lacuna Coil         3.0x
105.Dream Theater         2.9x
106.Rammstein         2.9x
107.Imperative Reaction         2.9x
108.My Dying Bride         2.9x
109.Helloween         2.8x
110.Burzum         2.8x
111.The Sword         2.8x
112.Black Label Society         2.7x
113.Andrew W.K.         2.7x
114.Battlelore         2.7x
115.Running Wild         2.7x
116.Gorgoroth         2.7x
117.Assemblage 23         2.7x
118.Evile         2.6x
119.Woods of Ypres         2.6x
120.Motörhead         2.6x
121.Megadeth         2.6x
122.Napalm Death         2.5x
123.Candlemass         2.5x
124.Misfits         2.5x
125.Venom         2.5x
126.As I Lay Dying         2.5x
127.Neuroticfish         2.4x
128.Electric Wizard         2.4x
129.Death Angel         2.4x
130.Horse the Band         2.3x
131.Anthrax         2.3x
132.Sonata Arctica         2.3x
133.King Diamond         2.3x
134.Black Sabbath         2.3x
135.Swallow the Sun         2.3x
136.Nightwish         2.0x
137.KMFDM         2.0x
138.Dark Moor         2.0x
139.Kataklysm         1.9x
140.Heaven Shall Burn         1.8x
141.Static-X         1.8x
142.Otep         1.8x
143.Chimaira         1.8x
144.Wumpscut:         1.8x
145.Ozzy Osbourne         1.8x
146.1349         1.8x
147.Ministry         1.7x
148.Leaves' Eyes         1.7x
149.High on Fire         1.6x
150.Within Temptation         1.6x
151.Dope         1.6x
152.Mercyful Fate         1.5x
153.Arcturus         1.5x
154.The Birthday Massacre         1.5x
155.VNV Nation         1.5x
156.Pain of Salvation         1.5x
157.DragonForce         1.5x
158.White Zombie         1.5x
159.Shadows Fall         1.5x
160.Liquid Tension Experiment         < 1.5x
161.Apoptygma Berzerk         < 1.5x
162.Tool         < 1.5x
163.Deep Purple         < 1.5x
164.Yngwie Malmsteen         < 1.5x
165.The Black Mages     < 1.5x
166.Celtic Frost         < 1.5x
167.Carpathian Forest     < 1.5x
168.Yoko Kanno         < 1.5x
169.Metallica         < 1.5x
170.E Nomine   < 1.5x
171.Skinny Puppy         < 1.5x
172.Velvet Acid Christ         < 1.5x
Amon Amarth is a melodic death metal band from Tumba, Sweden, founded in 1992. It takes its name from the Sindarin name of Mount Doom, a volcano in J. R. R. Tolkien′s Middle-earth. Their lyrics mostly deal with the Vikings, their mythology and their history. The band comprises vocalist Johan Hegg, guitarists Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg, bassist Ted Lundström and drummer Fredrik Andersson. Amon Amarth has released nine studio albums, one EP, one DVD, and seven music videos. more