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Amber Pacific

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1.We the Kings         14.3x
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5.Cartel         8.7x
6.The Academy Is...         7.4x
7.Anberlin         6.9x
8.Senses Fail         6.5x
9.A Day to Remember         6.2x
10.Brand New         3.9x
11.The Used         2.9x
12.Rise Against         2.7x
13.Taking Back Sunday         1.6x
14.Sum 41         1.6x
Hopeless (2004-2008) Amber Pacific is an American band that formed in 2002 in Federal Way, Washington. The band released three full length albums, The Possibility and the Promise in 2005, Truth in Sincerity in 2007, and Virtues in 2010. more