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1.Ida Maria         > 20x
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5.Bat for Lashes         8.0x
6.Hot Chip         5.1x
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10.Metric         3.0x
11.M.I.A.         2.5x
12.Peaches         2.3x
13.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         2.2x
14.Silversun Pickups         1.6x
15.Robyn         1.5x
16.Ladytron         < 1.5x
17.MSTRKRFT         < 1.5x
18.Cut Copy         < 1.5x
19.Sleigh Bells         < 1.5x
Amanda Blank (born Amanda Mallory in March 1983) is an American singer and member of the performance art band Sweetheart based in Philadelphia. more