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4.Nina Simone         11.1x
5.Otis Redding         8.7x
6.Gustav Mahler         8.3x
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8.Louis Armstrong         7.7x
9.George Gershwin         6.7x
10.Miles Davis         5.0x
11.Dire Straits         4.2x
12.Jethro Tull         4.2x
13.Deep Purple         3.4x
14.Frank Zappa         3.4x
15.Ella Fitzgerald         3.2x
16.Billie Holiday         2.8x
17.Amanda Palmer         2.7x
18.Leonard Cohen         2.7x
19.Janis Joplin         2.6x
20.John Lennon         2.3x
21.Neil Young         1.9x
22.Tom Waits         1.5x
Amália da Piedade Rodrigues, GCSE, GCIH, (July 23, 1920 – October 6, 1999), known as Amália Rodrigues (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈmaliɐ ʁuˈðɾiɣɨʃ]), was a Portuguese singer and actress. She was known as the Rainha do Fado ("Queen of Fado") and was most influential in popularizing fado worldwide. She was one of the most important figures in the genre's development, and enjoyed a 50-year recording and stage career. Amália' performances and choice of repertoire pushed fado's boundaries and helped redefine it and reconfigure it for her and...... more