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Allo Darlin'

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1.The Shop Assistants         > 20x
2.Talulah Gosh         > 20x
3.Heavenly         > 20x
4.Dolly Mixture   > 20x
5.La Sera         > 20x
6.All Girl Summer Fun Band         > 20x
7.The Pastels         > 20x
8.Black Tambourine         > 20x
9.Broadcast         > 20x
10.Beat Happening         > 20x
11.Arab Strap   15.6x
12.Camera Obscura         13.7x
13.Dum Dum Girls         12.9x
14.Belle & Sebastian         12.8x
15.Vivian Girls         12.6x
16.Jens Lekman         9.5x
17.Sleater-Kinney         7.9x
18.Riot grrrl   7.3x
19.New Order         7.1x
20.Stereolab         6.9x
21.Jarvis Cocker         6.2x
22.Gang of Four         5.7x
23.The Magnetic Fields         5.4x
24.Cocteau Twins         4.5x
25.Kate Bush         4.4x
26.The Pains of Being Pure at Heart         3.9x
27.The Jesus and Mary Chain         3.9x
28.Nick Drake         3.7x
29.Joy Division         3.4x
30.Echo & the Bunnymen         3.3x
31.Siouxsie and the Banshees         3.0x
32.The Smiths         3.0x
33.My Bloody Valentine         2.6x
34.Morrissey         2.2x
35.Kraftwerk         2.1x
36.The Cure         2.0x
37.The Thermals         1.9x
38.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         1.8x
39.The Velvet Underground         1.7x
40.David Bowie         1.6x
41.Nico         1.6x
42.Talking Heads         1.5x
43.Suede         < 1.5x
44.Blonde Redhead         < 1.5x
45.Pixies         < 1.5x
Allo Darlin' are an indie pop band based in London. Their self-titled debut album was released on the Fortuna Pop! label in 2010, with a second album, Europe, appearing in 2012. more