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1.Antônio Carlos Jobim         > 20x
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4.Dizzy Gillespie         13.1x
5.Sly and the Family Stone         11.5x
6.Charlie Parker         10.5x
7.Thelonious Monk         7.8x
8.John Lee Hooker         7.3x
9.Ella Fitzgerald         5.4x
10.Louis Armstrong         4.5x
11.Ray Charles         4.3x
12.Paul McCartney         4.0x
13.Prince         3.2x
14.Miles Davis         2.9x
15.The Rolling Stones         2.0x
Ahmad Jamal (born July 2, 1930) is an American jazz pianist, composer, and educator. According to American music critic Stanley Crouch, Jamal is second in importance in the development of jazz after 1945 only to Charlie Parker. For five decades, he has been one of the most successful small-group leaders in jazz. more