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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Alcest         > 20x
2.Primordial         > 20x
3.Ulver         > 20x
4.Summoning         > 20x
5.Wolves in the Throne Room         > 20x
6.Enslaved         > 20x
7.Katatonia         > 20x
8.Drudkh         > 20x
9.Emperor         > 20x
10.Devin Townsend         19.4x
11.Blut Aus Nord         19.3x
12.Anathema         18.5x
13.Darkthrone         18.1x
14.Moonsorrow         16.9x
15.Bloodbath         16.8x
16.Wintersun         16.5x
17.Bathory         16.5x
18.Burzum         15.5x
19.Neurosis         15.0x
20.Cynic         14.0x
21.Ensiferum         13.7x
22.Opeth         13.5x
23.Electric Wizard         13.5x
24.Windir         13.0x
25.My Dying Bride         12.1x
26.Dark Tranquillity         11.1x
27.Nile         10.8x
28.Nevermore         10.0x
29.Between the Buried and Me         9.4x
30.Gojira         8.9x
31.Ayreon         8.8x
32.Eluveitie         8.4x
33.Carcass         8.1x
34.Eyehategod         8.0x
35.At the Gates         7.6x
36.Amorphis         7.4x
37.Deathspell Omega         7.0x
38.Arcturus         6.9x
39.Dream Theater         6.4x
40.Meshuggah         6.3x
41.Immortal         6.1x
42.Sunn O)))         6.1x
43.Borknagar         5.8x
44.Symphony X         5.6x
45.Xasthur         5.6x
46.Strapping Young Lad         5.3x
47.Epica         5.0x
48.Baroness         4.4x
49.Porcupine Tree         4.1x
50.Behemoth         4.0x
51.High on Fire         3.8x
52.Death         3.7x
53.Pelican         3.6x
54.Korpiklaani         3.1x
55.Crowbar         3.1x
56.Amon Amarth         2.9x
57.Swans         2.9x
58.Falkenbach         2.7x
59.Iron Maiden         2.6x
60.Iced Earth         2.3x
61.Soilwork         2.0x
62.Godspeed You! Black Emperor         1.9x
63.Mastodon         1.9x
64.Type O Negative         1.9x
65.Red Sparowes         1.9x
66.Russian Circles         1.6x
67.Dissection         1.6x
68.Isis         < 1.5x
69.God Is an Astronaut         < 1.5x
70.Dethklok         < 1.5x
71.Current 93         < 1.5x
72.Black Sabbath         < 1.5x
73.Cannibal Corpse         < 1.5x
74.Necrophagist         < 1.5x
75.Corrosion of Conformity         < 1.5x
Agalloch is an American metal band formed in 1995 in Portland, Oregon. The band is led by vocalist and guitarist John Haughm and so far have released four limited EPs, four full-length albums, two demos, one split album, one compilation album and one live DVD. more