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After the Burial

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1.Veil of Maya         > 20x
2.Animals as Leaders         > 20x
3.Born of Osiris         > 20x
4.All Shall Perish         > 20x
5.August Burns Red         > 20x
6.As Blood Runs Black   > 20x
7.The Black Dahlia Murder         9.3x
8.Periphery         8.4x
9.Emmure         6.8x
10.All That Remains         6.0x
11.Slipknot         2.8x
12.Lamb of God         2.2x
13.Between the Buried and Me         2.0x
After the Burial is an American heavy metal band from Twin Cities, Minnesota. The group is currently signed to Sumerian Records and have released two of their three full-length albums through the label. Since their inception in 2004, the band has experienced two vocalist changes and two drummer changes leaving rhythm guitarist, Justin Lowe, lead guitarist, Trent Hafdahl and bassist, Lerichard Foral as the group's three remaining founding members. The band has taken part in many metal festivals, fitting along with several derivative forms of the genre and have been credited as... more