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1.Röyksopp         12.3x
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3.New Order         3.7x
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5.Outkast         3.5x
6.Kraftwerk         3.4x
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9.De La Soul         2.1x
10.Run–D.M.C.         2.1x
11.Herbie Hancock         2.1x
12.The Rolling Stones         1.8x
13.Jamiroquai         1.7x
14.Daft Punk         1.7x
15.Led Zeppelin         1.6x
16.Beastie Boys         1.6x
17.DJ Shadow         1.6x
18.Michael Jackson         < 1.5x
Kevin Donovan (born April 19, 1957), better known by the stage name Afrika Bambaataa, is an American DJ from the South Bronx, New York. He is notable for releasing a series of genre defining electro tracks in the 1980s that influenced the development of hip hop culture. Afrika Bambaataa is one of the originators of break-beat deejaying and is respectfully known as the Godfather and Amen Ra of hip hop culture as well as the father of electro funk. Through his co-opting of the street gang the Black Spades into the music and culture-oriented Universal Zulu Nation, he is... more