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Abandon All Ships

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1.Memphis May Fire         > 20x
2.We Came as Romans         > 20x
3.Woe, Is Me         > 20x
4.Attack Attack!         > 20x
5.August Burns Red         > 20x
6.Pierce the Veil         15.3x
7.Underoath         15.2x
8.Asking Alexandria         12.1x
9.Bring Me the Horizon         8.3x
10.A Day to Remember         4.7x
11.Senses Fail         4.2x
12.Saosin         4.1x
13.Bullet for My Valentine         1.9x
14.Chevelle         1.5x
Abandon All Ships are a Canadian electronicore band from Toronto, Ontario. Formed in 2006, the group is currently signed domestically to Universal Music Canada via Underground Operations, along with an American deal to Rise Records and its imprint Velocity Records. The band has since released a self-titled EP independently in 2009 and two full-length studio albums, Geeving in 2010 through Universal and Rise, and also Infamous in 2012. more