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A Static Lullaby

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1.Saosin         > 20x
2.Senses Fail         > 20x
3.Bring Me the Horizon         > 20x
4.Circa Survive         > 20x
5.Underoath         > 20x
6.Thrice         > 20x
7.Armor for Sleep         19.0x
8.Alexisonfire         16.4x
9.Brand New         14.6x
10.Anberlin         13.4x
11.The Used         10.8x
12.Taking Back Sunday         9.4x
13.From Autumn to Ashes         6.9x
14.Funeral for a Friend         6.6x
15.Jimmy Eat World         5.7x
16.From First to Last         5.3x
17.Atreyu         5.2x
18.Emery         5.1x
19.Matchbook Romance         3.7x
20.Silverstein         3.7x
21.A Day to Remember         3.6x
22.The Devil Wears Prada         3.0x
23.Finch         3.0x
24.Say Anything         2.3x
25.As I Lay Dying         2.0x
26.Story of the Year         1.9x
27.At the Drive-In         1.6x
A Static Lullaby was a post-hardcore band formed in Chino Hills, California in 2001. ASL's music has been classified under many sub-genres of rock. Their musical style has been labeled as post-hardcore, emo, screamo, metalcore, alternative metal and southern rock. more