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1.Ingrid Michaelson         14.5x
2.Kate Nash         8.9x
3.Sara Bareilles         8.5x
4.Regina Spektor         7.1x
5.Imogen Heap         6.5x
6.Sia Furler     5.1x
7.Florence and the Machine         5.0x
8.KT Tunstall         4.6x
9.Eisley         4.4x
10.Ellie Goulding         3.8x
11.Adele         3.7x
12.Etta James         3.6x
13.Colbie Caillat         3.5x
14.Jason Mraz         3.1x
15.The Fray         3.0x
16.Feist         3.0x
17.OneRepublic         2.4x
18.Frou Frou         2.3x
19.Lily Allen         2.3x
20.Duffy         2.2x
21.Ella Fitzgerald         2.1x
22.Jack Johnson         2.0x
23.Sarah McLachlan         2.0x
24.Pink         2.0x
25.Joshua Radin         1.9x
26.Missy Higgins         1.8x
27.Damien Rice         1.7x
28.Paramore         1.7x
29.Fiona Apple         1.6x
30.Billie Holiday         1.6x
31.Alanis Morissette         1.5x
32.Vanessa Carlton         1.5x
33.Rufus Wainwright         1.5x
34.Natalie Imbruglia         < 1.5x
35.John Mayer         < 1.5x
36.Jewel         < 1.5x
37.Norah Jones         < 1.5x
38.Mumford & Sons         < 1.5x
39.Frank Sinatra         < 1.5x
40.Michael BublĂ©         < 1.5x
Alison Sudol (born December 23, 1984), known professionally as A Fine Frenzy, is an American alternative singer-songwriter, pianist, and Goodwill Ambassador for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Her debut album, One Cell in the Sea, was released in 2007, followed in 2009 by Bomb in a Birdcage. Sudol's songs have charted in the United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, and France, among other countries, and as of October 2012[update], she has sold more than 650,000 albums. Her music has also been featured on numerous television... more