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5.Little Brother         > 20x
6.Common         > 20x
7.Outkast         10.1x
8.J Dilla         6.6x
9.Lauryn Hill         6.5x
10.Al Green         5.9x
11.A Tribe Called Quest         5.9x
12.The Roots         5.7x
13.Jay-Z         1.8x
14.Michael Jackson         < 1.5x
Patrick Douthit (born January 15, 1975 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina), better known as 9th Wonder is a hip hop record producer, record executive, DJ, lecturer, and Rapper from Durham, North Carolina, U.S. He began his career as the main producer for the group Little Brother, and has also worked with Mary J. Blige, Jean Grae, Wale, Jay-Z, Murs, Drake, Buckshot, Chris Brown, Destiny's Child, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, Ludacris, Mac Miller, David Banner, and Lecrae. As of 2010, 9th Wonder raps under the name of 9thmatic. 9th Wonder has a smooth and soulful... more