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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.This Will Destroy You         > 20x
2.God Is an Astronaut         > 20x
3.Red Sparowes         17.0x
4.Mogwai         15.6x
5.Explosions in the Sky         13.3x
6.Godspeed You! Black Emperor         9.2x
7.Caspian         8.7x
8.Russian Circles         8.2x
9.Thee Silver Mt. Zion   5.6x
10.Death from Above 1979         4.4x
11.The Mars Volta         4.2x
12.Sigur Rós         4.0x
13.Deftones         3.9x
14.Mono         3.8x
15.Unkle         3.3x
16.Aphex Twin         3.0x
17.Boards of Canada         2.9x
18.Portishead         2.5x
19.Isis         2.5x
20.Placebo         2.2x
21.Queens of the Stone Age         2.2x
22.Baroness         2.2x
23.PJ Harvey         1.9x
24.Pelican         1.8x
25.Venetian Snares         1.7x
26.TV on the Radio         1.6x
27.Tool         1.6x
28.Massive Attack         1.5x
29.Jeff Buckley         < 1.5x
30.The Dresden Dolls         < 1.5x
31.Radiohead         < 1.5x
32.Arcade Fire         < 1.5x
33.My Bloody Valentine         < 1.5x
65daysofstatic (also known by the abbreviations 65dos, 65days, or simply 65) are an instrumental post-rock and math rock band from Sheffield, England, comprising Paul Wolinski, Joe Shrewsbury, Rob Jones and Simon Wright. The band has released five studio albums and a soundtrack: The Fall of Math, One Time for All Time, The Destruction of Small Ideas, We Were Exploding Anyway, Wild Light and Silent Running, respectively. Initially, the band interspersed heavy, progressive, guitar-driven instrumental sections with... more