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10 Years

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Evans Blue         > 20x
2.Cold         15.4x
3.Five Finger Death Punch         14.0x
4.Chevelle         13.2x
5.Hurt         11.8x
6.Crossfade         9.6x
7.Stone Sour         9.4x
8.Red         8.8x
9.Breaking Benjamin         8.5x
10.Trapt         7.4x
11.Three Days Grace         7.3x
12.Staind         7.1x
13.Flyleaf         7.0x
14.Shinedown         6.7x
15.Sick Puppies         6.7x
16.Nonpoint         6.6x
17.Sevendust         6.6x
18.Apocalyptica         6.2x
19.Saving Abel         6.0x
20.Mudvayne         6.0x
21.Theory of a Deadman         5.9x
22.Finger Eleven         5.8x
23.Seether         5.7x
24.Rise Against         5.7x
25.12 Stones         5.4x
26.In This Moment         5.2x
27.Hellyeah         5.1x
28.Smile Empty Soul         4.9x
29.Fuel         4.9x
30.Lacuna Coil         4.9x
31.Saliva         4.7x
32.Taproot         4.6x
33.30 Seconds to Mars         4.5x
34.Deftones         4.2x
35.A Perfect Circle         4.2x
36.The Used         4.0x
37.Skillet   4.0x
38.Killswitch Engage         4.0x
39.Bullet for My Valentine         3.8x
40.Adema         3.4x
41.Hinder         3.4x
42.Bush         3.4x
43.Powerman 5000         3.3x
44.Blue October         3.2x
45.Disturbed         3.2x
46.Audioslave         3.0x
47.Maynard James Keenan   3.0x
48.Collective Soul         2.8x
49.Tool         2.8x
50.Drowning Pool         2.8x
51.Korn         2.8x
52.All That Remains         2.8x
53.Halestorm         2.7x
54.Avenged Sevenfold         2.6x
55.Eve 6         2.6x
56.Puddle of Mudd         2.5x
57.Orgy         2.5x
58.Paramore         2.5x
59.Serj Tankian         2.4x
60.Hollywood Undead         2.3x
61.Alice in Chains         2.3x
62.Evanescence         2.2x
63.Foo Fighters         2.1x
64.Godsmack         2.0x
65.Everclear         1.9x
66.Rob Zombie         1.8x
67.Alien Ant Farm         1.7x
68.Incubus         1.7x
69.Sugarcult         1.7x
70.Pantera         1.7x
71.Hoobastank         1.7x
72.3 Doors Down         1.6x
73.Ozzy Osbourne         1.6x
74.Soundgarden         1.5x
75.System of a Down         1.5x
76.Buckcherry         1.5x
77.Slipknot         1.5x
78.Thousand Foot Krutch         < 1.5x
79.Stone Temple Pilots         < 1.5x
80.Nine Inch Nails         < 1.5x
81.Atreyu         < 1.5x
82.Otep         < 1.5x
83.Papa Roach         < 1.5x
84.Blink-182         < 1.5x
85.Coal Chamber         < 1.5x
86.Goo Goo Dolls         < 1.5x
87.Jimmy Eat World         < 1.5x
10 Years is an American alternative metal band, formed in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1999. more