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Are there “no time for music” occasions for you? No, of course not, we knew that. There is no such thing. There is music for every situation, every mood, every happening, that’s what makes it our best friend. Music has the magic in it, it will share your pain and lift your spirits when you’re down or heartbroken, when nothing goes right, and it will share your happiness with you too. When you’re working hard, when you’re in love, when you’re struggling, and when you’ve just overcome the biggest hurdle in your life—no doubt there is a song for that. When you’re waking up to meet the world and when you’re going to sleep to see the dreamland—music can accompany you anywhere. Music can be with you even when your pet can’t.

Music is infinite, and so are the musicians. You can never listen to all of the singers, composers, and bands. Even if you stick to a single genre, which, let’s be honest, almost none of us do, it will still take a lot of time to listen to all the songs by all the artists within that genre. And in that time, many more will appear.

If you dig songs like a true music lover, you will definitely need music recommendations. You can, of course, ask your friends who have the same favorite artists as you and share your taste in general. They can sometimes be able to recommend music to you or you can find the music together. But how to find new music if no one around loves it the way you do? Or people just love different music altogether? You’ll need a music recommendations website.

There are quite a number of good music recommendation sites to find music you like, you probably know many of them. A new music finder and music recommender has all intentions to be one of the best. is a music suggestion site, and a pretty straightforward at that. When you listen to a song, we will offer you similar ones: you’ll see an “if you like this artist / if you like this band / if you like this song you might like” tagline and there will be names you might enjoy listening to as per our music recommendation generator’s assessment.

The hardest thing in doing music recommendations and artist recommendations within genre is, usually, the challenge to discover new artists and find new music, something the most tuned in user haven’t yet heard. We have an extensive database to find the music in and we pride ourselves in the fact that our music suggestions are quite pinpoint within genres and artists. We know how to find music you like, we can find new music for you and you don’t really need to do a thing.

We will help you find new music based on what you like, recommend bands and songs with your favorite artists in mind. Try us out, dig songs and discover new artists with the assistance of our recommendation generator.

Artist Recommendations

If you follow the music hip crowd and know everything about best music artists of 2017 then you probably know most of the names on this list. But you might also find some new artists you need to know—they are just that good. The list includes artists who had released successful singles and albums that took the charts’ tops and kept them for quite a time, as well as ever-present old artists with great vocals who just never get out of trend. Some musicians had news that shocked the public to the core (Linkin Park! The outrage and sadness!). Here are the top names today:



Kendrick Lamar 

Ed Sheeran


Bruno Mars


Shawn Mendes

DJ Khaled

The Weeknd

Post Malone

Lil Uzi Vert



James Arthur

Luis Fonsi

Sam Hunt

Niall Horan

Big Sean

Rae Sremmurd


Calvin Harris

Kodak Black

French Montana


Childish Gambino

Alessia Cara

21 Savage

Julia Michaels

Charlie Puth

Travis Scott

Gucci Mane


Zayn / Taylor Swift

Clean Bandit


Thomas Rhett

Kygo & Selena Gomez

Liam Payne

Luke Combs




Machine Gun Kelly

Jon Pardi

Justin Timberlake

Chris Brown

Lady Gaga

Katy Perry

Keith Urban

Cardi B

Dustin Lynch

Playboi Carti

A Boogie wit da Hoodie

Demi Lovato

Yo Gotti

2 Chainz

Ariana Grande





DJ Snake

Hailee Steinfeld


Jason Derulo

Yfn Lucci


Kane Brown

Miley Cyrus

Marian Hill

Harry Styles

Jon Bellion

Blake Shelton

Band Recommendations

The Best Music Band 2017 list also includes the names associated with singles and albums released in 2017 that have caught the attention of public either with their great success on iTunes, their top-rated songs, or simply their presence in the Best Albums 2017 lists. Here they are, follow them and share the love for music with millions of people.


Portugal. The Man

The Chainsmokers


The XX


Imagine Dragons

Brand New

Future Islands

The Mountain Goats

Cloud Nothings


Cheat Codes

Twenty One Pilots

Maroon 5

The Chainsmokers


Judah & the Lion